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Your Wedding Day is About You | Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding

groom hugs bride from behind during Italian inspired microwedding styled shoot

I’ve probably said this on every bridal consult call, so I wanted to share it today… Your wedding and everything surrounding it is 1000% about you! I am a HUGE advocate for respecting the desires of my couples and honoring their day as their own. When it comes to being their wedding photographer, this might mean educating my couples about the value of a first look, but not pressing the matter when you tell me this isn’t what you want. Or sharing that you should think about having your makeup done professionally, but not making it a must have if it doesn’t work for you. I know this reminder probably feels like old news. But, so many couples deal with unsolicited input from family, friends, and sometimes even vendors! I hope these wedding planning tips make your life easier!

bride and groom sit on bench in Washington DC

I can’t say this enough but I want you to look back on your day and feel that your desires were represented, respected, and honored in everything from your wedding colors to who you choose to invite. Yes, you will receive input from Auntie Kelechi, Uncle Bob, your best friends, and everyone in-between… But, ask yourself these questions when considering input from others:

Does this align for what WE want on our day?

Is this idea deviating from my original plan?

Why am I considering this idea? For US or for someone else?

If you realize that you are considering ideas simply for others or the idea does not align with what you want for your day, NIX it and don’t look back.  Seriously, don’t stress about it! Stay true to what you want for YOUR wedding day. And, although you might consider ideas from others make sure they are in alignment with your vision and your desires. 

bride holds bouquet of colorful flowers during Italian inspired microwedding styled shoot

Tricky Parts of Planning a Wedding

There’s SO many decisions that go into a wedding day. And it’s understandable to realize that there are decisions and topics that will take discussion. Be open, but firm in what you’re hoping for the day. Here’s a few topics you may have to think about carefully:

  • Religion or religious practices in the wedding
  • Family Traditions
  • Divorce or separation / Blended Families
  • Guest List
  • When someone is assisting in payment for the wedding and want their ideas brought to the forefront

Regardless, just remember to still stay true to you. Often a conversation and hearing out the other party and explaining your heart makes a huge difference. It may not always be that easy, but it’s worth trying!

Capitol Hill anniversary portraits at the Library of Congress

So here’s where I stand:

If you want a micro wedding- DO IT!

If you want 1000+ people at your wedding – DO IT!

Ready to get married in your backyard – GO FOR IT!

If you want to self officiate – KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!

If you don’t want ANY guest- Don’t invite any!

Want your dog to walk you down the aisle? DO IT!

If you want to wear a jumpsuit, WEAR IT!

If you want to get married outside of the family’s traditional church- DO IT!

Remember that your wedding day is a reflection of YOU! Your taste, your style, your relationship. Keep it about you and not anyone else. It’s great to get opinions as you plan, but remember it’s all about you two and what you want together. Congratulations and let’s get to wedding planning!

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