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Alyssa and Tremaine’s Engagement Session in D.C.

couple kissing at union station in DC

When you’re a wedding photographer, you make so many important connections in the business, both personal and professional. I was so excited to hear from Alyssa that she and Tremaine wanted to book me for their engagement session and wedding this coming August! Alyssa and I met at a previous wedding I photographed, as she was actually the planner. A few months later, she reached out about working with me. You never know where this job will take you and the people you are lucky to meet. I’m so fortunate that I’m able to create not only a personal relationship, but continue a professional one as well with Alyssa by capturing her wedding.

A D.C. Engagement Session

Alyssa and Tremaine were actually attending the same church when they met. They started talking just after one service, and they have been together ever since. Their first date together was at an Italian restaurant in D.C. Afterwards, they just walked all around the National Mall together and enjoyed getting to know each other the rest of the night. Tremaine works long hours and Alyssa works from home, so their perfect date night is just staying in and having a nice glass of wine and watching a good movie with their dog.

Alyssa and Tremaine are each other’s best friends. They can’t imagine not being together, even when they’re doing the smallest things. Tremaine proposed to Alyssa during Christmas this past year. Tremaine’s family always exchanges presents after dinner. As everyone was sitting around the tree in the living room, Tremaine pulled out the ring and everyone started screaming in excitement! The most important thing for them on their wedding day is just being with their family and friends. Because of the toll the pandemic has taken on everyone, they just want to be together with those they love. They are excited about so many things during their wedding day, from saying their vows, the toasts, first dance, and partying during the reception.

We enjoyed walking around Union Station and spending time inside the Postal Museum at the Smithsonian for their session! Washington D.C. always has such wonderful locations for engagement photos. The city is so rich with history!

Their wedding is going to be such a lovely celebration! I can’t wait to photograph their day in August! I already have limited availability for 2023. Please send me an email so we can schedule your engagement session and wedding!

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