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Planning the Perfect Proposal | Tips from DC Wedding Photographer

You are ready to pop the question but want the proposal to be amazing and exactly what your partner desires! But how do you accomplish the perfect proposal? Here are some tips for planning the perfect proposal. Before anything else though, think about your love story and your partner!

tips for planning the perfect proposal from DC wedding photographer Christian Nwosu Photography

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Do you have a favorite place to hang out or visit together? 

Are you adventurous maybe a helicopter proposal?

Is she reserved and would rather be at home? 

Would she want her family to be there?

Where did you meet?

DC wedding photographer photographs couple after being engaged on Lincoln Memorial
DC wedding photographer captures proposal on steps of Lincoln Memorial

Let a planner help you!

Hire a planner! A planner can take your jumbled thoughts and create a vision with you and your partner in mind. This will take off a lot of the stress and allow you to prepare your mind for the biggest question of your life. You may also love the planner and have one vendor selected for your wedding day.

couple walks through Lincoln Memorial after engagement in Washington DC

Other Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Keep your partner in the forefront of your mind and plan according to their likes. 

Purchase a ring or other sentiment to mark the occasion or do it completely your way! There is no right or wrong way! 

If you are getting married in a major city like DC or Baltimore (or anywhere in the DMV) Consider travel time, traffic, and crowds- if you want an intimate Lincoln Memorial Proposal, a Saturday evening would bring about crowds where a Sunday morning might be a more intimate setting 

To keep things a surprise don’t do too much out of the ordinary. Have her dress for the occasion in a way that isn’t too obvious and in an outfit that makes her feel great 

Determine if you should ask for a blessing from a parent or other special loved on

And last but not least, hire a professional photographer! Don’t stress your family or friends or yourself by attempting to take photos of this moment. Hire a professional so that you can enjoy and be in the moment. Your photographer will also help you plan and assist with direction at the location, positioning, time of day for best lighting, and many other factors that you may not consider.

engaged couple sits on the steps of Lincoln Memorial after proposal in DC

It’s about you!

Speak from your heart- don’t worry about who is around, where you are, or what anyone else is doing THIS IS YOUR MOMENT and it doesn’t happen twice. Tell your partner the things you love about them and what has led you to this decision to spend the rest of your life together. 

couple looks at engagement ring in Washington DC

I know it’s hard, but try not to stress! Everything is going to be perfect! I hope these tips helped remind you how easy it is to plan the perfect proposal when you think of your loved one, first and foremost!

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