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DC Wharf Boat Wedding: Jade & Preston

married couple celebrates with guests in Washington DC

What can I say about Jade and Preston? Working with them was like having my own personal models in front of the camera! Jade and Preston were married on their initial wedding day in 2020. In 2021, they decided to host their reception with all their friends and family. Because of the pandemic, they weren’t able to celebrate together in 2020. They included an intimate vow renewal with Preston’s sister Murial as the officiant. After their renewal, we boarded the Spirit of Washington at the Wharf in Washington DC for their party!

The Spirit of Washington Wedding Reception

When I tell you their community showed up for them, I am not kidding! There was a huge crowd of supporters cheering for them! We boarded the Spirit of Washington  at the Wharf in DC where there was a LINE of love filled, supportive, FLYYYYY friends and family waiting to board and support the Smiths. I am truly in awe of the support they have in their lives. But, if I’m being honest, it was no surprise to me because community is so important to Jade and Preston. It shows in their weekends spent with friends, celebrating new babies and marriages. They’re such encouraging people, always shouting out the WINS of others on social media.

One special aspect of their day is that Jade and Preston prepared together! We have all heard of a first look, first touch, first prayer. But have you ever known of a couple to take it a step further and prepare in the same room? I’m all for a unique plot twist and making your day about you! Forget the “rules”! This special twist on Jade and Preston’s day was perfect! Them getting dressed together was a very intimate time in their day for them to pause and reflect on their journey, share some laughs, and admire God’s work in their year of marriage. 

Planning a Unique Wedding Day

I discuss photography goals with each of my couples because every couple is different. Their desires for photography are often different and I want to make sure that your focus is my focus while I’m with you. For Jade and Preston, their focus this time around wasn’t copious amounts of time spent on bride and groom portraits but instead the wanted time with their guests, group photos, and images of their guests having a great time! Their wedding last year consisted of the traditional images and this year was all about the switch up and highlighting their community.

I take something away from every wedding be it something photography related or a life lesson. Jade and Preston showed me beauty in ashes, tenacity, and what community means. They are the most gratitude filled, wonderful couple I’ve had the pleasure to serve. Although their 2020 wedding might not have been exactly what they planned it was still beautiful and they took 2021 up a notch. Jade is a woman full of life and joy. She probably doesn’t know how much it blessed me to capture her day.

Thank you for letting me share this day with you, Jade and Preston. Thank you for trusting me to authentically capture the love you share, thank you for blessing my lens, and I look forward to capturing the future milestones in your lives as they unfold. Cheers to more trips, more love, and a life of abundance.

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