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Chelsea and Adarius | Spring Couples Session | Washington, D.C.

couple walking together in D.C.

I believe that there’s never a bad time to schedule a photo session. Even if you’re already married, having your pictures taken just for fun is always a good idea! However, experiencing Washington, D.C. in the spring is especially lovely. The cherry blossoms only bloom for a short time, so you have to capture them while you can.

Spring Couples Session in D.C.

The history of the cherry blossom trees dates back to 1912. The planting of the trees represents a gift of friendship to the People of the United States from the People of Japan. After Mrs. Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, world traveler and diplomat, had returned from a trip to Japan in 1885, she strongly advocated for the planting of the trees in Washington. Her request fell on deaf ears for almost twenty-five years.

In the mean time, Dr. David Fairchild, a U.S. Department of Agriculture official, planted some cherry trees on his property in Maryland. He wanted to see if they would survive the weather in this area of the country. His experiment was a success, and he started to promote the planting of cherry trees in the Washington area. After a diplomatic agreement between First Lady Helen Taft and the Mayor of Tokyo, Japan donated over 3,000 trees of different varieties. The trees were planted along the Potomac River in March of 1912.

Including the cherry blossom trees in Chelsea and Adarius’ couples session made for a lovely background! Chelsea and Adarius were married last year in Florida. They contacted me about a couples session. We had such a fun time shooting downtown around the Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court buildings. However, it was absolutely freezing! Adarius only wanted to shoot for a short time because it was so cold. We ended up walking around the area for some great photos. We all talked and laughed together!

Thank you Chelsea and Adarius for choosing me to capture your spring photos! I would love to talk with you about scheduling a couples session. Be sure to contact me so we can start planning your ideas!

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