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Biggest Misconception about Wedding Photography | DC Wedding Photographer

bride and groom pose together by amber window in DC

I get it, you want beautiful timeless photos from your wedding day. Photos that years from now you look back on with pride, joy, and happiness. You want your photos to capture every element of the day – all of those details you chose carefully to the big moments everyone was watching. Even the tiny moments that you may not remember and those people you love that you’ll never ever forget. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Well, let’s talk about why it takes a lot more than someone to show up, snap a few photos of all of those details and deliver your images so you can get those timeless images. We’re going to talk about the biggest misconception about wedding photography!

bride and groom hug on golf course during wedding photos

The Biggest Misconception about Wedding Photography

Creating a wedding photography experience that is stress-free, intentional, and captures exactly what your heart desires is a process that wedding photographers build for their clients. This process truly starts with you and I working together MONTHS before you walk down the aisle. Even at our initial consultation, I am gathering information and taking notes to ensure that we are a good fit and I understand the flow of your day!

Perhaps the biggest misconception about wedding photography is that you pay your money, your photographer shows up, shoots your wedding and delivers those images that you are so proud of. FALSE, FALSE, FALSE!!

There is so much behind the scenes communication that occurs to tell your story authentically! The first thing is that I want to know you! When you put in your initial inquiry I know very little about who you are, what you enjoy doing, how you met your fiancé, what you all enjoy doing together and so on. Those intimate details that make you two special are very important to me.

I also include an engagement session in most of my packages. This allows us to spend some time together before the wedding day. We laugh, you learn the process of how I work, and I observe your chemistry, I learn YOUR angles, your preferred side, and what I have to do to get those genuine belly laughs, and flirty smiles from you and your partner.

newlyweds laugh in Washington DC

Trust your photographer!

Photography is not a one size fits all experience. Finding a photographer who is sensitive to the needs you have specifically is important. You will spend so much time with me on wedding day that we need to be in love, too! From the moment you arrive on the scene, start getting ready to the sparkler or bubble exit. I am there. It is crucial that our vibe be authentic and most of all, you trust me! When I request that you go stand in a shady spot by a mundane wall with cars on either side of you, trust my eyes. There is something epic that I see! Chances are when you see the shot you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But that trust doesn’t happen by accident.

I need to know what’s happening on your day like the back of my hand.  There is nothing worse as a photographer than feeling like a chicken with your head cut off on wedding day. Running from place to place. Constant surprises in the timeline and special moments that I didn’t know were happening. So how do we avoid this? Communication. A few months before your wedding I will send a wedding day questionnaire and I ask EVERYTHING about your big day. I want to know it all. That way my team and I can divide and conquer if needed and we can plan where we need to be at each moment.

Wedding days can’t be redone. We get one shot to make it right and that is all we need. My process has been created with my couples in mind. I want you not only to have beautiful  images but to have an experience that you remember as delightful, fun, and stress free capturing them. 

bride and groom sit touching heads during styled shoot in Alexandria

If you’re tying the knot this year, let’s talk! I want to hear about your dream wedding day and help you plan a day you’re excited about!

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