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What is a shot list?

In your wedding research, you may have heard of a shot list? So what is it and how does it benefit me you may ask. Well, I have the answer! A shot list is a list curated in advance of your wedding day as a guide for the most important shots of the day. 

This list usually outlines the must have family shots, types of shots, and no-no shots.

For example, if brides mom and dad are no longer together and would rather not take photos together your photographer can see this information and can respect the boundary requests of certain family members. Also, it can make us aware of deaths in the family, remarriages, and other shots to avoid.

In general, your photographer is aware of the more obvious shots such as parents, grandparents, and siblings however we don’t know how special your relationship is with your godmother or that you want a photo holding a photo of your late grandmother. We are also unaware of strained family relationships. So providing this list will help avoid situations that may make guests and/or family uncomfortable.

Also, on wedding day in your excitement, you likely won’t remember every shot that you want. While the shot list doesn’t guarantee every shot requested will be taken the upmost regard will be taken to honor your requests.

Remember a wedding happens once and family travels from near and far to support you. So we want to ensure that Cousin Leslie and Uncle John from Texas are able to have their picture taken with you. We also want to take these shots in a timely manner so that you and your guests can continue on to the fun part, celebrating your love! 

All in all, you cannot and will not go wrong with a shot list. Requesting a shot list is part of my business workflow about 4 weeks’ advance of your wedding day. Providing you the list in advance will give you time to prepare the list with your fiancé and to comprise a thorough list. My team and I will use the list to organize a flow for portraits. This list is like gold and so helpful in ensuring that we capture those people and moments dearest to you. Check here to see an example wedding shot list created by Wedgewood Weddings.

Preparation helps us serve our couples better and a shot list is one of the ways that we keep wedding day portraits process timely and organized. If you have any questions please contact me here.

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