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Engaged Couples

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Portraits | Pabvon & Vaughn

bride leans head on groom's shoulder during Lincoln Memorial engagement portraits

Pabvon and Vaughn’s Lincoln Memorial engagement portraits were a ton of fun to photograph! This couple is so relaxed and fun-loving, so their session was equally laidback and fun. After being together for almost ten years, these two are excited to be tying the knot and making things official! I loved getting the chance to talk and enjoy time with Pabvon and Vaughn during their portraits – and now, I’m thrilled to be sharing them with you today!

Their Love Story

Pabvon and Vaughn met through a friend and although Pabvon wasn’t sure how their first phone call would go, she took it anyway. Turns out, they talked for almost 3 hours non-stop!!! Soon after, they went on their first date at a Thai place in Brooklyn then took a long walk along the pier. Obviously, they had an amazing time and the rest is history! They got engaged in February 2020 while they were on a trip through Europe! At their stop in Paris, they went to see the Eiffel Tower the night they arrived. Vaughn was taking photos (like normal, Pabvon told me!) and suddenly asked her to say something in French. She turned around and released he was actually taking a video… but was more importantly on one knee. It took a moment but when she realized what was happening, she was SO excited. Now, they’re planning their wedding together and celebrating the next big step in their lives!

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Portraits

The Lincoln Memorial is one of my favorite places for engagement sessions here in Washington DC. Not only do you have the beautiful monument itself, but all of the space around it too! The water, the benches, and so much more can give you that classic DC feel easily! I love watching my couples pose along the giant marble columns and on the steps. Pabvon and Vaughn were no different. They looked AMAZING during their portraits and I had a great time just watching them enjoy being together. It’s obvious they are meant to be and I can’t wait to celebrate again with them during their wedding day!

Congratulations again, Pabvon and Vaughn!

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Lincoln Memorial Engagement Session | DC Wedding Photographer

engaged couple walks along edge of Lincoln Memorial during DC engagement photos

Engaged Couples

Chine and Nnaemeka originally contacted me to photograph their wedding in Spring of 2020. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their beautiful wedding day plans because of COVID, like so many other couples. After rescheduling the wedding we decided capturing a portrait session in DC to showcase both their African culture and love of DC would […]

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